33 Critical Copy Questions

The 33 Critical Questions To Converting Copy

How You Can Start Profiting Wildly No Matter What Business Or Market You’re In

From The Desk Of Mike Stenger

Hey there friend,

There is a tremendous power to the written word.

It can capture the imagination and take the reader on a ride…

It can invigorate and inspire others to take action…

It can divide and trigger an overwhelming response…

And most importantly, it can help you sell.

Whether you sell t-shirts or a $10,000 coaching program, there is a fundamental truth that weaves through it all…

Copy Is The Bridge That Connects You To Customers

If the bridge that exists between you and your audience is rickety, rusty, and swaying from side to side, few will pass.

Few will listen. Few will take action. Few will buy what you have to offer.

So, if you want to connect with more people who can benefit from your products and services, you must be able to communicate in a way that stimulates the senses.

Because at the end of the day, that’s really what great copy is…

Great communication.

Contrary to what other people might have told you, great copy isn’t all about stringing together the right words in the right order for maximum effect.

It may appear that way, but truly great copy goes much deeper than that.

Jot this down: The more I understand about someone, the better I can connect with and the better I can serve them.

And notice I didn’t say “sell them”…

I said SERVE them.

In fact, here’s a secret that will allow you to leap frog over the competition, making them vanish from your everyday thoughts…

Your focus should not be to peddle more products. Your focus should be to help serve others, to help guide them to getting what they want.

It is a very subtle, but incredibly powerful difference.

It is part of what marketing legend Jay Abraham, a man behind over $9 BILLION in sales, calls The Strategy Of Preeminence.

It is not about fancy, clever words and BS mumbo jumbo…

It’s about understanding. It’s about knowing more about your people than they know about themselves, and then guiding them to where they need to go.

This is why we ask questions.

Hands down, what separates okay copy from great copy, is the level of research done before putting a single word on the page.

Just ask Agora Financial who generates close to a quarter of a billion dollars per year and has trained complete noobs to write copy that rakes in stupid amounts of money…

Research is the most valuable part of the copywriting process.

I like to think of the research as stretching before you exercise…

You don’t get after it at the gym all stiff and slumped over. You warm up so you can CRUSH your workout.

The research allows us to craft copy that is focused on the ideal person we are trying to reach, making it far more impactful.

Anyone can string together some sentences and paragraphs trying to get people to take action and/or buy something, but the less focused, the less targeted your copy is, the lower it will convert.

Perhaps just as important as understanding our target audience is another element critical to crafting converting copy…

Understanding The Psychology Of The Homo Sapien

Humans are a fascinating bunch. We all have different quirks and features that make us, well, us. But despite these differences, we are all one of the same. We all, at our core, have the same needs.

We require basic needs such as food, shelter, sleep, security, and safety. For our emotional well-being, we crave love, being a part of something, to be respected and understood, and to feel accomplished.

And we all want to reach our full potential, whatever it is we define that to be.

When it comes to crafting high converting copy, here is the mic drop moment…

People do not buy products. People buy feelings. People buy into the promise of them becoming a better version of their current self.

The product, the service, is simply a tool that can help them get to where they want to go.

Your goal is NOT to yap about the features, the surface level stuff. Your goal is to bridge the gap between where they are now to where they want to be.

How can and does your offer do that? That’s the gold.

When you can approach your copy from a deep understanding of your people and what makes them tick, you pierce through their armor and connect with their heart.

And when you connect with the heart, you get a direct line to the wallet.

So, whether you’re writing a sales page, email campaign, Facebook Ad and beyond, use these 33 questions to your advantage. The future of your business relies on it.

  • What is the ultimate goal with this piece?

  • What are we looking to accomplish and why?

  • Who is the ideal person I’m speaking to in this?

  • What’s their day-to-day life like?

  • What is the REAL pain they are experiencing and going through at this very moment?

  • What are their biggest fears?

  • What are they most afraid of happening or is already happening in their life?

  • How do they speak? What language, what words do they use and am I incorporating them?

  • What’s the big thing that if it could be solved for them, it would make their life easier? And how can we show them this does precisely that?

  • Am I communicating their values back to them and positioning my product as the solution to getting what it is they truly want?

  • With each and every line of copy, is this attracting them or repelling them?

  • Is this being written in my own authentic voice?

  • What stories or real struggles from my own life can I share to build more of a rapport and deeper connection?

  • Am I reducing the resistance each step of the way, i.e.reducing the friction of them moving further along and ultimately taking action?

  • Does this flow in a natural, compelling way that’s focused on the subject at hand?

  • How does this legitimately solve their biggest problems and pain points?

  • What are the clear benefits, not features, that match what’s true for them and what they value?

  • What are some of the common objections people have to NOT getting
    this product or service?

  • What bad experiences have they had with similar products and services in the past?

  • What must they believe to put all their objections to rest and make this a very clear win for them?

  • What makes your product or service a legitimate win over the hundreds, even thousands of similar offerings out there?

  • What evidence (messages, testimonials, case studies) do you have that proves this works?

  • Does the pleasure of getting this and taking action far outweigh the pain of
    getting this?

  • Are there clear calls to action that drive them to take the next step?

  • What are the consequences of not taking action?

  • Where will they be when they take action vs where will they be
    if they simply do nothing?

  • How am I reducing the risk of them taking action? Do I have a solid
    guarantee in place?

  • Have I clearly and effectively communicated the value of what’s being offered?

  • If I were in my ideal person’s shoes, would this be intriguing enough for me to take action?

  • Have I made a very strong case for believing in me, my product or service, and in themselves to do XYZ?

Remember, There Are 3 Reasons Why People Won’t Buy From You…

  • They don’t believe in you.

  • They don’t believe in your product.

  • They don’t believe in themselves.

An effective sales message instills this belief in them, and the harsh reality is nobody cares until you give them a reason to care.

The moment you realize most people don’t care and stop assuming that people do care, is the moment you up your marketing game…

The moment you start crafting messaging that really grabs attention and resonates with people.

We and every single one of our customers are thinking the same dang thing…

Why should I care? What’s in it for me?

If you cannot deliver a message that effectively addresses these questions, you will not have something that connects, whether it’s something as small as generating a new lead or something as big as making a $5,000 sale.

This is where these 33 questions come into play.

Use them and watch your sales go up.

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